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FM18 Mod: Competition Review Screen

Tópicos em 'Guias & Utilitários' iniciados por Zeus, 21 Setembro 2018.

Football Manager Portugal
  1. Zeus

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    Football Manager 2018 - Competition Review Screen Mod

    Another change in FM18 is that we now have a new default fixtures & results screen which includes a couple of new items but is missing the goalscorers data shown in the other views.

    So this is simple mod that adds the goalscorers back into this screen and to ensure it works across various resolutions I've turn the panel into a split panel so you can resize the league table panel to fit in the result details if you are playing on a smaller resolution.



    Installation Instructions
    If you are using the default skins:

    - Extract the zip file and place the panels folder into your User Data Location which by default is:
    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\

    If you are using a custom skin:

    - Extract the zip file and place the panels folder inside the folder for the skin you are using, by default this will be:
    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins\<skin_name>\

    Then from the Preferences -> Interface Menu turn off the skin cache and reload your skin for the changes to be loaded.

    Mod should also work with the Touch Version as it uses the same files, though I haven't test it on that version.

    Thanks to MichaelMurrayUK for sharing this mod.

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